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well slap our wrists - we did not update our page... thanks to Paul @themarketingsauce for noticing....

Our new website opens either next week or the week after - we will be selling online for the first time ever - we need to do a little checking - but we are getting there! Wish us luck!


About Sportology

At Sportology we look to support all your sporting needs.

We can offer a tailored service to sports clubs for their playing kit needs, support local clubs with their individual requirements, and of course stock all the latest must-have specialist equipment for most sports, but in the main focussing on Cricket, Darts, Hockey and Rugby.

We would be delighted to speak to you about whatever your requirements are - or just drop in to see what we can offer, and you may even get a cup of tea thrown in!

We pride ourselves in being able to have informed discussion with our customers about what sports they play, at what level, and what their ambitions are to ensure that we deliver what you need, rather than what looks good, or is the most expensive.

sportology After the miserable-ness of the weekend. Scorchio today..😳 Our offer of 25% off all Cricket Bats still applies. We must be mad! #heatstroke
sportology For those of you not playing cricket today and that's going to be ALL of you v soon 🌧️ We are open and have 25% off Cricket Bats for a week
sportology @FOSCCupdates Our Club offer of the week is for you lot. Lots of rain jackets & hoodies left. While stocks last